I’m sure you have all been with friends that ask “Can’t you have just one bite?” You may be wondering  to yourself whether a little bit really will hurt you, especially since hearing that the Food and Drug Administration is considering allowing some gluten in gluten-free food. So, is it okay to have a little bit of gluten?
The answer is “No, it is not okay!”
As you may or may not know, I am gluten intolerant not Celiac If you read posts you know that “mildly gluten intolerant” does not mean it’s ‘more OK’ to allow a little gluten to sneak into your diet every once in a while.
Gluten has the potential to shorten your life if you consume it with any level of intolerance. Gliadin, the protein in gluten, is difficult to digest and for those with intolerance to it this means that those proteins go through the stomach and into the blood stream. When you eat gluten with an intolerance, even a tiny amount, it’s going to places like your brain, your joints, your heart, your immune system, and creating problems such as cancer, arthritis, brain fog, mood changes, and tons more.
So, again …NO!!! It’s not ok to eat gluten, even tiny amounts, and if you don’t have any intolerance? Still better to limit your gluten intake because it is an inflammatory food, which means when you eat it, your inflammation levels rise as your body tries to process it. Inflammation is seen in the body as dysfunction like arthritis, heart attacks, and skin issues and as excess stored body fat.

So, when in doubt say “No Thanks” and look forward to your own safe food selections♥