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Since it is Celiac Awareness Month I thought it would be a perfect time to review symptoms as well as tips. There are more than 300 symptoms of celiac disease, and symptoms may vary among different people.
One person might have diarrhea and abdominal pain, while another person has irritability or depression. Some patients develop celiac symptoms early in life, while others feel healthy far into adulthood. Some people with celiac disease have no signs or symptoms.
These differences can make celiac diagnosis extremely difficult, resulting in 95% of Celiac undiagnosed or misdiagnosed with other conditions.

Do you have Celiac?

Left untreated, people with celiac disease can develop further complications such as other autoimmune diseases, osteoporosis, thyroid disease, and cancer.

Some of the most common symptoms of celiac disease include:

Bloating – Gas- Diarrhea –  Constipation- Fatigue  – Itchy Skin Rash  –   Tingling/Numbness –    Pale Mouth Sores  –   Joint Pain

Delayed Growth  –   Poor Weight Gain –    Thin Bones  –   Infertility-    Headaches –    Depression   –  Irritability   –  Discolored Teeth


Some people with celiac disease may have no symptoms at all. There are people without symptoms are still at risk for the complications of celiac disease. Recognizing celiac disease can be difficult because some of its symptoms are similar to those of other diseases. Celiac disease can be confused with irritable bowel syndrome, iron-deficiency anemia caused by menstrual blood loss, inflammatory bowel disease, diverticulitis, intestinal infections, and chronic fatigue syndrome. As a result, celiac disease has long been under diagnosed or misdiagnosed. As doctors become more aware of the many varied symptoms of the disease and reliable blood tests become more available, diagnosis rates are increasing.
Before undergoing any testing it would be wise to one should continue to eat a diet that includes foods with gluten, such as breads and pastas. If a person stops eating foods with gluten before being tested, the results may be negative for celiac disease even if the disease is present.


I’m sure you have all been with friends that ask “Can’t you have just one bite?” You may be wondering  to yourself whether a little bit really will hurt you, especially since hearing that the Food and Drug Administration is considering allowing some gluten in gluten-free food. So, is it okay to have a little bit of gluten?
The answer is “No, it is not okay!”
As you may or may not know, I am gluten intolerant not Celiac If you read posts you know that “mildly gluten intolerant” does not mean it’s ‘more OK’ to allow a little gluten to sneak into your diet every once in a while.
Gluten has the potential to shorten your life if you consume it with any level of intolerance. Gliadin, the protein in gluten, is difficult to digest and for those with intolerance to it this means that those proteins go through the stomach and into the blood stream. When you eat gluten with an intolerance, even a tiny amount, it’s going to places like your brain, your joints, your heart, your immune system, and creating problems such as cancer, arthritis, brain fog, mood changes, and tons more.
So, again …NO!!! It’s not ok to eat gluten, even tiny amounts, and if you don’t have any intolerance? Still better to limit your gluten intake because it is an inflammatory food, which means when you eat it, your inflammation levels rise as your body tries to process it. Inflammation is seen in the body as dysfunction like arthritis, heart attacks, and skin issues and as excess stored body fat.

So, when in doubt say “No Thanks” and look forward to your own safe food selections♥


On my recent outing to Whole Foods I discovered a new Kombucha Tea. Looking for a sip of vitality I scanned the shelf to see this lovely bottled calling my name. Drink me, yes!!! What a pleasant surprise, not like some of the other brands out there. This is a quality product, refined and enjoyable. Check it out 🙂


Organic live kombucha (purified water, organic evaporated cane juice, organic black tea, kombucha culture), organic pomegranate juice concentrate, organic raspberry puree, natural elderflower flavor, and other natural flavors; natural color.


It is a sweet-sour, fermented, acidic, slightly carbonated beverage, which has been described as either a wine that tastes like a delicious tea or an unusual tea that tastes like a rare wine
There are claims that Kombucha tea is a “fountain of youth elixir” used in China for thousands of years. China has used it for centuries during sacred rites of atonement, received, passed down, and transported all over the world, there is a ritual and tradition in the telling and the making of Kombucha tea that has an element of mystery and power. The mystical aspect of Kombucha tends to attract and convert many people in search of perfect health and longevity.


Restores hair color, Thickens hair
Dissolves gallstones Increases energy, Cleanses gallbladder
Lengthens lifespan
Arterioscrosis/softens veins
Speeds healing, Lowers cholesterol
Lowers blood pressure, Increases blood circulation
Eliminates wrinkles/skin moisturizer
Improves menopausal symptoms
Strengthens leg muscles
Chickenpox /herpes zoster remedy
Colitis/improves digestion/ nervous stomach
Lessens anxiety,Levels glucose
Protects teeth from cavities
Activates glandular system

I have just posted a few chain restaurants that offer a gluten free menu.While I know most of us who have been eating gluten free for awhile realize that almost every dining establishment menu has safe possibilities.The biggest concern is cross contamination.If you are a true Celiac ,then I would strongly suggest you talk with the restaurant manager before ordering to discuss the level of your intolerance so they can monitor how your meal is prepared.

Don’t take anything for granted when placing your order ! Something as simple a grilled fish or chicken could be dusted with flour before seasoning.I personally encountered this and ,trust me when I say it ruined my evening.

I look at the whole dining out venue in categories: Safe,no brainier,Middle of the Road American,better be careful and OMG , nightmare Italian and French.

Overall Asian Cuisine is your friend ! This is in my safe , no brainer as it offers many selections that are gluten free as well as vegetarian.Within the Asian category Vietnamese, Thai, and Japanese. They have the easiest menus as most selections are rice noodles, rice paper wraps, sushi,miso soup as well as of course rice.They generally use corn starch to thicken , but of course  always ask !!! Great choices are Pho’,steamed vegetables with your choice of protein, rice noodle dishes such as Pad Thai and summer rolls.

Next the Middle of the Road American : Mostly what I have covered in the guide below as well as family owned restaurants.This category tries to make  accommodations and has come along way in the last few years.It can be difficult because of the cross contamination issues, sauces and of course our biggest deal breaker …bread.I always order a “protein” style sandwich i.e. the lettuce wrap and stay away from soups unless you can get a” Scouts Honor” from the manager or your server.

My last and final category the OMG Nightmare. It goes like this: Overall Italian,French and Breakfast Joints are the most difficult.We are talking here about sauces,pastas,bread products everywhere ! My best suggestion is to call ahead if possible to discuss your options. Next with regard to ordering , if a gluten free pasta is available go for it.Just be mindful that toppings like meatballs and even sausage can contain gluten.Another safe choice is a grilled meat or fish with a side of vegetables and risotto.

I cannot stress enough : When in doubt …ASK !!!

to be continued…Image

Austin Grill : Tex Mex – this restaurant has a fairly good selection.

Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano : They say they have gluten free pastas available. I would call ahead and check with your local restaurant.

BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse a downloadable menu is available ,Great gluten free pizza 🙂

Bonefish Grill : This restaurant is an affiliate of Outback Steakhouse and has restaurants in most states. They have a Gluten Free downloadable menu available. Just click here.

Boston Market : You can click here for their gluten free menu.

Carrabas Italian Grill : This is another affiliate of Outback Steakhouse.They are in most of the states. They have a gluten free menu in cooperation with the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG).

Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse : Limited locations

Chili’s : They have a down-loadable list of gluten free suggestions and their list changes monthly. They have allergen info, such as foods containing , soy, egg, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts wheat and gluten. “Suggested menu options” for Wheat/Gluten – allergies.

Claim Jumper : Check their website for a downloadable menu

Fresh City :

Legal Seafood : Gluten Free menu available upon request.

Lonestar Steakhouse: The Lonestar steakhouse does have a down-loadable menu for Gluten free selections available. .

Here’s a quote from their Gluten Free info page: “If you suffer from Gluten Intolerance you don’t have to limit yourself to salad when dining at Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon. With fresh ingredients and items that are made to order you won’t miss out on the Lone Star Experience! These Gluten-Free suggestions have been created to assist you with your menu item selections.”

Monical’s Pizza : Monical’s Pizza offers a down-loadable menu

On The Border : Serves most all states , even Alaska and many Canadian Provinces. Their menu changes monthly. There is a box that says at the top “Additional Information” and below that , you can click on “Nutritional Info” or “Allergen Info”.

Outback Steakhouse : They have a down-loadable menu.

Pasta Pomodoro : They have a down-loadable gluten free menu.

P. F. Chang’s China Bistro : Serves most, but not all states. Look for the “Gluten free” link – click that to see the menu selections. “These items are either gluten free as prepared, or are modified to be gluten free.”

Romano’s Macaroni Grill :  Gluten Free Dining. It’s updated and changes monthly, Click on “Allergen Information”. They have locations in nearly every state , including Alaska.

Ruby Tuesday’s Casual dining and moderately priced. Look at the menu items and – If you want to download a gluten free menu then look to the right for “Allergen-Sensitivity Menu Guide” click and download..

The Old Spaghetti Factory : You can check out their gluten free menu here. At the bottom it says it is not a gluten free establishment, and some cross contamination may occur. That is something that can occur in any restaurant. They offer gluten free rice pasta as an alternative.

UNO Chicago Grill : Check under the Dietary Category.

Z’ Tejas, Southwestern Grill : Check out their gluten free menu here. If you click ‘Menus’, then click on your ‘Location’ – then click ‘Specialty Lunch’ or ‘Specialty Dinner’ …. this will take you to their ‘Gluten-Free’ menu selections.

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