Nori or dried seaweed is a great snack! A great alternative to eating chips or even nuts offers nutritional benefits, particularly if you’re watching your waist or looking to boost your immune system. One benefit of seaweed snacks is that they contain very few calories. If you eat a 6 oz package of seaweed snacks, you are only at 30 calorie vs. a 1oz. serving of potato chips at 150 calories.
There are so many health benefits we can gain from nori, the crispy Japanese treat made of thin sheets of seaweed that have been roasted or toasted and lightly salted .New studies have shown that it could help your body block fat calorie due to a special fiber as well as inhibit fat absorption by over 75 percent!
Natural Fat-Blocker
The fat-blocking fiber in seaweed called alginate is a key enzyme responsible for breaking down dietary fat. The undigested fat would just pass right through and get expelled, which means fewer fat calories to use or store. Edible seaweed will not only give you a fiber boost but also a healthy dose of calcium, iron, magnesium, and B vitamins. Toasted nori snacks are available in many Asian markets and are just one way to enjoy produce from the sea. You can also make soups with wakame, a slightly sweet leafy sea vegetable. Both as food and skincare products, seaweed contains a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals include anti-inflammatory B vitamins, iron and iodine. Seaweed also has detoxifying and hydrating qualities.

You will love it!